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The Boiler Brooklyn
The Boiler

We believe in providing equitable access to exhibit space, creative resources, and mentorship. Our aim includes promoting diversity within contemporary art and community arts programming. The Boiler is a space dedicated to supporting artists who share in our vision. We believe creating a hub for community engagement within the arts is essential. The Boiler is committed to nurturing emerging artists while continuously celebrating established Artists. Our ongoing Art Education program “Steam Works” In partnership with ELM Foundation, exemplifies our “Arts Community Empowering Community Arts” endeavor by providing students the opportunity to learn directly from each exhibiting artist. We hope to inspire the next generation of artists and creatives through free workshops and classes that focus on the specialty, media, or discipline of the current Boiler Artist’s works. With each unique experience, we strive to promote the transformative power of art.

The Boiler plays host to a variety of events. We selectively partner with local businesses, institutions, schools, musicians, and brands that share our values. All activities held in The Boiler, go to fund programming for the kids of ELM Foundation. The Boiler space, when activated by creative communities, gathers a special kind of steam, empowerment.


The Boiler, a historic industrial space in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, was transformed into a gallery and site of a burgeoning art scene with the efforts of Joe Amrhein of Pierogi Gallery in the early 2000s The vision of the space was to push the boundaries of what a white box gallery could be. The Boiler quickly became known as a space for artists who wanted to push the boundaries of fine art.


The Boiler, while no longer affiliated with Pierogi Gallery, continues to preserve the legacy with its non-profit initiatives and pushes forward; utilizing the space for cutting-edge contemporary art while integrating and expanding its programming on a larger scale and promoting arts education in the community.


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Yasmeen Abdallah, Levani, Louisa Pancoast, Melissa Stern, John O’Connor, Etty Yaniv.
Organized by Etty Yaniv.

April 29th – May 27th, 2023

The Boiler is proud to present OUT OF JOINT, a group exhibition organized by Etty Yaniv, featuring work from:

Yasmeen Abdallah Levani Louisa Pancoast Melissa Stern
John O’Connor Etty Yaniv. 

Join us Saturday, April 29th for the opening reception, 6 - 9 pm with a dance performance by Louisa Pancoast at 7 pm.

Out of Joint, features new work by five New York-based visual artists and one choreographer/dancer who examine how a rapidly changing world has destabilized our anticipation of a recognizable future and changed our expectations of each other. Each artist has investigated in their own way the evidence of these global and personal changes and has transformed their investigations into lush, site responsive installations through sculpture, richly patterned drawings, mixed media, and dance.

GALLERY HOURS 05.02–05.27.23
Tuesday – Saturday: 1:00 pm – 6:00 pm

191 North 14th Street Brooklyn, NY

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In Work We Trust | ¡Chamo, ¿qué hiciste con el carro?!

May 6th – July 29th, 2023

The Boiler is excited to unveil our new annex exhibition space with a special site-specific installation, In Work We Trust | ¡Chamo, ¿qué hiciste con el carro?!  by Alejandro Contreras.

Join us Saturday, May 6th for the opening reception, 6 - 9 pm

In this upcoming installation exhibition, Alejandro Contreras will transform an annexed industrial space of The Boiler into a sculptural landscape portal that fuses together the past and present while reimagining the future. Untouched for decades, the Annex houses a water tower that powered The Boiler in its original factory operation. No longer functioning, Contreras repurposes the water tower as a relic into an entry point for investigating its materials, their conditions of production, and the potential that their byproducts possess when reconstituted and framed for the viewer as a vista of aesthetic possibility. In this spirit, Conteras also incorporates his own broken down Jeep into the site. He labors with the crumbling, deteriorating framework of the annex and the failed machinery of the vehicle to create a hybrid of remnants that transfigures the site and object, both formerly identified with their function, via a pictorial intervention that merges and celebrates their entropic decay.

ANNEX GALLERY HOURS 05.11–7.29.23 
Thursday – Sunday:  1:00 pm – 6:00 pm

191 North 14th Street Brooklyn, NY

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William Norton, Styx & Stones: It’s Raining Fascists
Fernando Ruíz Lorenzo, A Grain of Salt | Un Grano de Sal

Marria Pratts, Melted with U
Ben Hagari, I, Pencil 
Group Show, Echoes Are Visible
Tomas Vu, The Man Who Fell to Earth 76|22
COCO144, wRit*ua*l
Nathan West, 8 BALL
John Morton & Rahul Saggar, Hand Work & Wear We Are
Group Show, In The Boiler
Emma Fujiko Hammond-Thomas, Bound
Baris Gokturk, All Saints
James Hyde, Four Magnascos 

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